Meri Crusher

The Meri Crusher is a high-end Finnish product, one in which quality and cost effectiveness are central.

Thanks to  many innovative techniques, they have created a mulcher that is the market leader. One of the main aspects of the Meri Crusher is its low rotor speed.

Thanks to the special gearboxes which are made in-house and the patented POC coupling system, they are able to transfer the highest possible torque to the milling rotor.
This makes the cutter capable of crushing everything in the soil to a depth of 40cm. In addition, it is possible to have an adjustable screen for the Meri crusher which will
provide you with an immediate fine crushing result, ready for processing. This screen is a patented invention and addition of Martens iQuipment itself!
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• Rotor ø 400 mm
• Power range 30 – 15 HP


• Rotor ø 500 mm
• Power range 100 – 230 HP


• Rotor ø 600 mm
•Power range 180 – 300 HP


• Rotor ø 800 mm
•Power range 200 – 500 HP

Looking for a sustainable solution
for your groundworking?

Mericrusher 01